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some things never do change

oh my god ! [18 Apr 2006|10:11pm]

WOW. its been over 4 months since i've even looked at this
i think. well.. lets see. christmas and new years was
swell. i wasn't single for about 2 months, but that went
down the drain as always. school has been pretty good this
semester. i just got done studying for an accounting test
that i have first thing in the morning. ummm. i don't know.

today i had work..and watched my court shows on channel 7.
then i layed down for a bit, and took Warrior for a walk
around 4ish... i got home around 520.. and eventually took
a shower. I waxed kevins HOT cougar c2 sport for him.. that
he got a couple weeks ago.. and then me and him met jenn
down at Dairy Queen. i got a banana pie blizzard and it was
absolutely amazing!!!!!! except for these crust pieces they
felt were neccesary.. im not awaiting kevin to pick me
up as he needs me to accompany him somewhere.. but i shall
be home soon. i'll try and keep this updated from now on?

take care!

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[11 Dec 2005|02:19pm]


tomorrow starts finals. I have work til like, 9..
and then i have a 2-4 page paper to write for 10am
tomorrow.. then take two finals.. ughhhhh =(

things have been okay for me though, not too bad. I
enjoyed all of the snow this past friday.. and i have
all my xmas decorations up!!! im gunna try and take a
picture of them later though to show everyone.

i duno what to even say in here anymore. i dont do much
aside from school & work, so its not a big deal. perhaps
during semester break my life will get somewhat more
interesting... but i guess thats it.

so long, charlie.

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[30 Nov 2005|04:27am]

i cleaned my room today, it was fun.
i found alot of old things... cause
i tend to keep alot of junk.. i found
my one mariah carey cd from like, how
long ago? haha. 93 maybe? a Meatloaf
cd... spice girl lollipop wrappers!=P
old photos, report cards, drawings, etc.

my room is clean for once.. or well, for
a couple days anyway. School is over in 8
days, how amazing... <3 i think i got
screwed over as always, so my classes are
gunna blow next sem. but oh well =/

im headin to bed, its almost 430 and i have
to leave in 5 hours =( g'night


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sup bitch [26 Nov 2005|04:04am]

wow, 20 days later.. haha :) <3

life has been NUTS.

SOO much school work.. 2 weeks and its done! yay.

work is crazy.. as always.

today was nuts. im so tired.

i woke up, and me and my sister went to the Viewmont
mall..and i got pissed off cause i bought a sweater
at the gap 2 weeks ago for $45..and i got there today
and the sweaters are $29.99 ANDDDDDDD you get the second
1/2 off.. SIGH. but anyway.. we left and came home.

i left w/ kevin.. we stopped at walmart..and then headed
to Reading.. we picked up KELLY<3 and stopped at Best Buy
to see Jamesoorz... then hit up the Berkshire Mall. Its
a nice mall.. we went and ate Chik-Fil-A.. and then kevin
tried to find 'Oski' in the pet store.. hahaaha..

we left there, and went back to the Apt.. where i made
shannon her birthday card..and kevin played with Oscal/Audrey
the dog.. :)

So we left and got gas at WaWa and some orange drinkz and then
got back to pittston! we dropped off kevin, and me and kelly
went to SHANNONS! it was so fun. i love her. i haven't seen
her in for-ev. it was a fun time.. so we left around the 1130
or so hour.. and headed back to reading.... we stopped for
coffee at Dunkin Donuts.. and i texted Christopher to see what
he was up to.. and so me and kell stopped at The Works before
i took her home..and i talked to him for a few minutes.. but
they were closing so i had to leave =( ... but i took kelly
home and the i got home around 3:30... soo tired.

i went to see RENT with Jennifer last night, it was amazing!
i loved ittttttttt... i wana go see it again.. and i wanna
go see the actual play!!! kjdkljdzhf;ljdofa;foa;

tomorrow, saturday, im sure i'll work my tail off and perhaps
relax some? <3 good night irene.


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[08 Nov 2005|03:40pm]

guess its time for that monthly update, hah.
i've been working like a slaveeeeeee PLUS all
the school stuff.. and yeah, its killer.

school is well as is work, just busy. I helped
Kelly move to Reading on satuday =( oh well!!
it sucks here, so might as well right? It was
a fun time though... went to IHOP and i got a
delcious salad, yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

on the way down, some prick started to cause some
trouble w/ James... he was brake-checking him..
what a prick, So then eventually we were all, lets
get him!!!! but james' clutch was slipping a bit,
and then i got in front of this prick, and he did
practically nothing [WISE CHOICE MY FRIENDDDD] but
i was still disappointed cause i wanted to cause
some trouble.. sigh!!!!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


so i came home and all, and didnt do a whole lot this
weekend.. but its cool. Yesterday my sister left her
lights on like a silly goose and her battery was dead!
so i had to go up and jump it.. but since Jettas are
their own breed.. it wasnt working, and ended up draining
my battery..haha, oh man it was awesome. but then my
hog started..and hers wasnt working, so we came home..
and later daddy-o went up w/ the celeb and got that honky
ready to rock and roll...

i guess thats it.

picture of me in the car garage thing
bored and waiting for my car to recharge
the jetta's battery =D
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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my live is hell. [22 Oct 2005|12:23am]

nothing ever goes right. ughhhh.

so i had one class today, my second
was cancelled.. good deal.

i left & went to get my work and talked
to some people.. then came home for a bit.
i left and got frank at work for 2.. talked
to tracy!<3 and then we went for lunc at
red robin.. it was a nice time. I decided i
wasn't gunna spend an excessive amount of
money on brand speakers.. i would just get
generic ones to hold me over.. but at least
ones with the poly-whatever coating.. and i
did just that. i get home and all this junk,
and took out the speakers and realized that
the set up was unlike anything i've seen. Im
experienced in the whole audio department, and
i still didn't understand why they were 4
wires per speaker, instead of the normal 2.
being 4 wires, these speakers i purchased wouldn't
work.. cause i found out, after trial and error,
that hooking up one set = all treble, just the
other set = all bass, and both sets in the same
socket = no sound. so anyway.. i go out w/ my
mom cause we hadda get some things.. and i decided
to stop at circuit city.. cause i wanted to ask
them what the deal was.. well, these peopel
didn't know their ass from their elbow... i explained
that i had a 200-watt monsoon stereo w/ a 200-watt
monsoon amp.... and with that, why GM decides to put
paper-cone speakers.. I will never know. At any rate,
they eventually had me purchasing polka audio 300watt
speakers.. which was cool cause i like polk.audio.. and
so im all.... the backs of these will have the outlets
for the separated wires and stuff.. "yes" .. can
i just double check? .. "sure!"

takes out of box... "like this? "


so i offer to get my speaker out of my trunk.. so i did.
i brought it back in.. and the kid took it in the back
to "show the guys"... and came back with this..

"we have big problems"..


"the speakers and your system is set up separately for
all the sounds... versus most speakers & systems set
up through one set of wires... so you basically have to
either contact pontiac for new speakers.. which would
kind abe bad since they will blow out anyway.. or you
will have to get a new stero & speaker set as well as
have the car rewired.."


my life is insane. i'll die w/o back speakers.
i hate this. ugh!.

im going w/ kevin tomorrow to the junkyard place
in hazelton to hopefully grab two speakers from
a wrecked gt.....


before i go.. this is the last thing
i want to wake up to in the morning!!
i hateee this advertisement and when
i woke up i wanted to cryyyyyy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i can't wait til friday.
i wana see it sooo badddd
even tho that creepo w/ the
tricycle scares the HELL
out of me

okay, im out.

take care

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[12 Oct 2005|01:48pm]

yeah, so im totally going to get an F in economics. this is so not cool.
i got a 46 on my second exam..and i HAD to do worse on the first one, i
don't even want to know. So that will be wonderful for my gpa. I really
need to get my ass in gear... or so my mom would say. ANYHOW.. school
wasn't bad today.. not that its really bad anyday, it just depends on
how tired i am. I don't have accounting class tomorrow, which means i'll
get to sleep in another hour .. so thats hot... and ill get my history
exam back, which i think i did okay on... but yeah.

so my next paycheck should be fucking amazing. they jipped me some cash
on the last one, and then i worked alot more.. so my gross pay should be
close to, if not over $700.00... which will probaly leave me w/ $550..
but when you have over 500 in credit cards, its not all that awesome. ;]
but i DEFINITELY need new back speakers. ughhhhhhh. one is unplugged cause
its busted, and now the other is busted.

Dear General Motors:

If you are going to provide a vehicle with a 8-Speaker "monsoon sound
system" . . please refrain from putting in Delco speakers... So yeah, ill
definitely have to pick myself up a pair when i get paid to toss in so i
don't have to listen to that cracklin and suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, its all
The Faint's fault... i swear. heh :]

So im guna head out w/ kelly for abit to the mall & stuff, and then come
back to do my work, study, etc.


some things never do change

[07 Oct 2005|03:20pm]

so far today:

where: wyoming valley mall
time: around the 1130am region

me walking by two middle-aged woman
sitting on a bench, with their children
playing near....

woman 1: i'd take that home for the night
woman 2: how bout for the weekend!
both start laughing..

HAHAHA. so i glance over..

woman 1: i was just kidding hunny
woman 2: i wasn't
woman 1: neither was i..

hahahahaah it was so awesome..


where: leaving work
time: about 3pm

*5 woman smoking and huddled
under the small roof outside
the door*

i walk through..
me: excuse me, cause im so polite.
woman X: definitely
me: thank you..
woman X: you are more than welcome
woman 2 hits her on the arm, thats so wrong!
all laughing..

hahaha.. today is a good one.

the end.

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hiiiiiiiiiiii [06 Oct 2005|12:28pm]

oh my, its thursday already!! :]

so.. to keep everyone updated.
im doing excellent in school ;]
well.. ALMOST.. everything except
for Economics.. jkladj;fjsjlfslho


anyhow... tonight is the bayside show!!
oh em eff gee!! i am sooooo X-Cited. !<3
its nutss.. me and franklin will be
hitting that shizzle up like its no ones
business !!!!!

so.. how bout, yesterday.. my neighbors
definitely think im psychotic.. i guarantee
it now... well, some background info, my
sister moved in.. and that means 5 people
and 5 dogs in the same house. We have 3
bedrooms... so, we're supposed to be re-doing
the only salvagable room in th basement, for
me... and that'll be nice. So yesterday, i go
to that room.. in the basement... to start
clearing junk out and whatnot... well, its a
basement made of dirt and rock and scaryness..
so naturally, spiders galore... and i am NOT
a fan of spiders. So anyhow.. we have these
ramps that you use to drive your car up on
to change oil or whatever you wish.. so these
ramps are built as the picture shows:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so naturally, those cube shaped spaces underneath
the ramps are like little areas for spiders to
live.. so im like, in my head, this is like a
spider apartment building... *laughs at self*..
and i see a couple tenants.. but it was okay...
well.. i grab the top to move it.. and what
do i see!?!!!! this eight legged satan!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


so i run out of the basement and into the
backyard (the neighbors are in theirs)
and i start yelling..

over and over and over.. until i realize there are
people outside.. hahahahahaha.. i looked like SUCH

i hope you enjoyed that story..

well anyhow, im going out w/ kellison in about 3 or
so hours.. mall time! :]


some things never do change

oh no, a monster. [26 Sep 2005|02:22pm]

well, i never do keep up with this anymore.. sigh.

what have i been up to .. . .

the usual, school & work.

I turned 21 a week ago, which was nice.
i didn't really go out though.. but friday
i stayed at the econo w/ frank, britt & alyssa.
that was a nice time.

we bowling this past thursday as well! with kevin,
beckie, and taren. i haven't done that in months!
and it was nice cause i was all up in the being
cool cause im 21. but the people in there were

ummm.. i stayed in saturday & sunday. i was kind of
sick, and had work to complete.. plus, there wasn't
all that much to do.

today.. is monday. went to school. had a class. went
to the mall and got chinese for lunch. then back to
school for my 2nd class.. stopped up at work, and
now its almsot 230..and here i am! not sure what is
up for tonite.. depends on what work i get done and
how fasttttt...

but yeah, iguess thats it?


some things never do change

[15 Sep 2005|11:40pm]

i am a tired teen right now.

and im so tired that i don't

realize that im not even a teen.

for those of you who don't pay

attention to my life, i will be

turning 21 on monday, September

19th at 8:08pm. Thanks for your

anticipated birthday wishes ! !

my life has been nothing short of

insane the past week or two. the

wrath of working 30+ hours a week

as well as schoolin it up all week

has certainly started to take its

toll on me.. and i am not a fan of


thats all i have to say, since it is

11:45pm and i have yet to study eight

chapters for two exams tomorrow, fun.


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[12 Sep 2005|01:06am]

really tired and boredddddddd.

this weekend was nice.. hung out
with frank for most of it though!
this week is gunna be nuts. i have
alot of school work i'll have to do
and study for two exams on for friday.
plus, i wana go to Tokyo Rose (and
motionless in white) on thursday @
metro.. so that means i'll have to cram
fro my exams on wednesday.. oh boy


my dog is a business man, er.. business dog<3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i love him.


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ball sandwich [05 Sep 2005|02:52am]

frank polumbo is really the best person ever.

so tonight, i picked him up.. and we went to the
italian festival in scranton.. it kinda sucked, but
it was a nice night to be out. After, we went to
dickson city.. and to walmart.. we got conned, by
two girls, into buying them spraypaint since you have
to be 18..and they weren't.. ha. so we did that, and
then we headed to the staircase to see if we could see
anyone leave.. We saw jarrod and his gffff and gave them
dots!! then we saw aj and galli and company, and talked
to the them for a while. a little bit later, we met up
with them at Sheetz in dunmore.. and brandon even came!
131,000+ miles on that camaro!!! haha... but yea.. we
were at sheetz for such a long time... we left around 130
and came homeeeeee.. and here i am!! haha. .tomorrow is


so how bout my car is dented from a fucking shopping cart!!
im sooooooooo mad =(((((((((((((((((((((((((
i'll post a picture im sure :((((((((

catch you later

some things never do change

i got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one! HIT MEEEEEE [04 Sep 2005|02:19pm]

holla ! =]

wow, im so hyper. today is a good day. I WONDER WHY.
probably cause emjay&emsee are reunited. heh.... ANYWAY
so friday, i dont rememeber what i did. Oh yea. i already
told that here. I also ran into katie gatt on friday, and
being that me and her are hot, <3 thats all. next, saturday.
yesterday was saturday. okay. so yea.. i woke up, and i
dont know what i did. haha. oh yeah.. i washed and waxed
my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, LOOK AT HOW HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

shit son, i love her!<3 look at those fuckin wheels shining like a bitch!


i was home for most of the night, and i picked up frank from work at 10.
we stopped and jump started this muslim couples car! they were SOOO nice..
and funny.. haha, i totaly wanted to just party with them. but then we went
to barnesy.. and didn't buy anything. then me and franklin went to... i forget.
oh yea, we went to wendalins and split a #6 (as usual).. saw angeloooooooooooo.
then i took franklin to the staircase, gave corrine a HUGE hug..and came home.
around 1230.. i went back up to the staircase to watch M.i.W play.. and hung out
with corrine!<333 we didn't leave until almost 330... i came home and passed out!

today is sunday... underoath is playing tonight, but im not going. i have
alot of work to do..and no cash!!! so its cool.. cause im not all into
them that much anyway.. just a couple songssssssssssssssss

well, thats all folks.

i will catch you on the flip side.



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[03 Sep 2005|12:02am]

i went out w/ frank. he is such a loon..
i just remember him using the phrase..
"i would be on that like an eagle scout on a fish sandwich"

so.. we went out to barnesy, then got the genius idea
of going to dunmore! so we did... hung out.. had some
food at sheetz... then we met brittany smith outside of
work at 11..and to my SURPRISE, guess who was with her??
ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!! wowwwwww. it was such a treat!! i got
a great big hug.. and then she gave me present which
cheered me up majorly. She gave me a purple tricerotops!!
and i gave her the last coconut air freshener i had, as well
as a bunch of Sheep post-it notes =D .. i then proceeded to
give britty britt and franklin some as well.. frank then
decided to leave numerous ones stuck to my car saying things
such as "ball sandwich" .. "lasagna" .. etc. All in all, it
was a nice time. Frank left w/ britttttt and i came home.
its a little after midnite.. i was gunna have a beer.. but
i dont think thats happening.. cause i HATE guinness...

oh well.

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it was all pretend [02 Sep 2005|04:35pm]

hi hi.

school has been pretty decent.. i like it, which is goooooooood.

i havent been up to much lately.. i can't drive since i managed to
leave myself pennyless with a week to go until i get paid again =(
also, with this $3++++ gas... its not working out well at all.

its friday, and i have nothing to do as of now.. but its cool. i
could use a relaxing day off... just you know, catch up on work
and do the reading for school i should have done.. or maybe just
grab myself some liquor and yeah.. heheh =D

oh well, thats all for now.

my stomache hurts... =/


some things never do change

[31 Aug 2005|02:20am]


sleep is comin soooooooooonn..
its almost 230.

went and bought 3 of my books today.. = $404!!!! >:(

i worked a bunch today, did some school work..

then i went down EmJays around 9 to visit =D

left a little after 10..and came homeeeee..

she starts back to school tomorrow, aweee.. heh.

well, time to go.

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =]

some things never do change

[30 Aug 2005|12:20pm]

im so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i went to school yesterday! it was coooooool.
my first class i had was Intro. to Business. the guy
was neat... should be a good time. Then i had a break
for an hour, and then i came back and had something
about Economics.. which wasnt too shabby.. then i left.

i came home, and worked a while.. then i picked up Frank
a little after 5. we went to the mall and hung out a bit..
then we went to the steamtown mall and did the same. then
up to the viewmont malllll... and a few other places. We
stopped and waited for Brittany Smith to get out of work,
and then the 3 of us went to the donut shop for some goods.
it was a nice timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i came home.. and finsihed
my work, then went to sleep!

today i woke up at 630, got ready, and picked up frank at 7.
we got to school and stuff.. and my classes today aren't that
bad either.. so its good.... my accounting book and stuff is
$166.00!!!!!!!!! yikeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

okay, im out.
take care.

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[28 Aug 2005|12:52am]

im so tiredddd.. im gunna go to bed early tonight.

i start school is like, 36 hours.. sighhhhhhhhhhhh.

i only took 4 classes..
- principles of accounting, 1.
- principles of economics, 1.
- introduction to business, 1.
- american history since 1865.

hopefully it won't be tooooo rough.

so tonight.. i met em.jay<3, hannah, and two kids [joe & kyle]
at the nativity festival in scranton. we went to see Livingston
play... but we left. haha.. i got there, and we hung out a bit..
went to the rummage sale!!! then just.. yeah.. hannah wanted to
leaveeee.. so we did. i gave em.jay a piggyback ride up this
monster hill so she didn't have to stress herself =P .. then
we sadly parted, and left. i stopped at the mall, then came home
for a bit. I left around 945..and pick up emjay. we went to barnesy
to get some beverages, then to wallsy for some school supples..
wegsy.. for some stuff.. then.. we went home? but not after a little
simon&simon action.. heh. oh yea, we saw a late 80's new.yorker
smashed into a telephone pole.. haha.. we just stared and continued
to talk.. we're so amazingly awesome, its sick.

well, i duno. i guess thats it?

catch u later.

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this is how a heart breaks. [22 Aug 2005|01:08am]

HELLO! !! !!

oh my gosh.. its been for-ev.

yea, anyway

the usual.. work like a dog.

etc etc.

school starts in a week =(

friday i hung out w/ Kevin, Beckie & kelly at the tomato
festival.. EmJay came there w/ her friend tennis-courtney! :)
then we left and went to pilot.. chillaxed.. and then he
took us home. I went over Deona's and hung out there for the
night.. cmae home around 2.. and yeah..

saturday.. i went out w/ kelly for a little. We went to rita's!!
and then to teh mall.. i got myself another pair of low-rise-boot-fit
jeans from the gappppppp.. cause they are my favortist jeans EVER.
and then i came home. worked a bit.. and then i went down to a party
at Dave's w/ em-jay.. it was a blast.. had alot of fun... i came home
around 230-3 after i sobered up.. and fell asleep..

today, sunday, i woke up around noon and didn't do much.. i had a viewing
to go to around 5.. and then came home. I picked up em-jay around
915..and we went to the moviesssssss.. hannah and her other met us
there. we went to see Red.Eye.. probably the best movie this year!!!

we got out around 11ish-1130..and kinda just came home.. and here i am

soo tired.



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